Las Vegas conjures up images of neon lights and endless nights. The truth is, the city of sin has so much more to offer than the infamous vices found on the Strip. There’s a purpose to why so many are making the move to Las Vegas. Here are five reasons why it was the fastest growing US city of the decade. 

1.The Cost of Living 

In Nevada, homebuyers don’t have to make the gut-wrenching decision between quality and savings. Homes come at a fraction of the price of neighboring California, so you can get the most bang for your buck while still being a short road trip away from the Golden State. Move to Las Vegas and you can live your best life in your spacious, modern dream home without breaking the bank. 

Easy Las Vegas living doesn’t stop at affordable housing, though. Everything from gas to groceries comes with a reasonable price tag.

2.No State Income Tax 

Yes, you read that right. Nevada does not require income tax, so you can only imagine how much money you’ll be saving as the years go by. It’s yet another reason why so many have made the migration to the battleborn state. You can invest all that extra cash into enriching your quality of life, making the move to Las Vegas that much more worth it. 

3.The Weather

Sure, the Las Vegas summers soar above 100° F for months at a time, but after all, it’s a “dry heat”. I’m just kidding- it can feel like you’re stuck in an oven you can’t escape, and you won’t even be able to bear the sight of pants and jackets. But if you can persevere through the worst of it (usually May-September) the rest of the year is smooth sailing, with mild winters and sunshine galore. 

4.The Nature

If you’re not familiar with the Las Vegas Valley, you might think it’s a dry, barren wasteland of desert. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The area has beautiful and diverse landscapes to hike and explore.

Red Rock Canyon provides a variety of trails ranging from easy to challenging, where you can soak in the desert atmosphere and catch a glimpse of the Strip from afar.

Did you know Las Vegas is a short drive away from an alpine mountain? Mt. Charleston is just a 45-minute scenic drive from the bright lights of the city, but it might as well be a world apart. The quiet ambiance, cool air and sky high pine trees provide a stark contrast to the chaos nearby.

When the desert heat gets too hot to handle, cool off in Lake Las Vegas or Lake Mead, both less than an hour from the city, or head to one of the many hotel pools in the Valley. Or even better yet, pack up the car and head to LA for a weekend beach trip! 

Speaking of road trips, the world-class natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Zion National Park are all within an arm’s reach of Sin City. 

5.The Amenities

Do I even need to mention it? Las Vegas is a city of decadence and rampant tourism, and it never fails to deliver state-of-the-art experiences and cutting-edge shopping and dining.

You really can have it all in the neon city- a quiet, suburban family neighborhood and a bustling city, just a few miles apart from each other. If the suburb is not your vibe, the ever developing DTLV (Downtown Las Vegas) is an artistic and trendy neighborhood that rivals even the most cultural city centers. 

The true city that never sleeps, Las Vegas offers convenience around the clock with 24-hour gas stations and grocery stores. 

All in all, this metropolis embodies the ideal of balanced living through its vibrant center and tranquil residential zones. Move to Las Vegas and you’ll understand what all the hype is about, too.