All eyes were on Maricopa County, AZ this election. If you hadn’t heard of it before, you almost certainly have by now. (Unless you don’t have cable or internet… in which case, you’re probably not reading this either.) 

Election ballots aren’t the first, or the only, thing that has placed this plot of land on the map of people all across the country. Its population growth has been on a steady incline over the past few years. In fact, the Arizona area ranked first in total net migration and domestic net migration in 2019

Governor Doug Ducey vows to “continue to work on policies that expand opportunity, promote health and safety and keep Arizona an amazing place to live.”

There’s an undeniable buzz and allure about Maricopa. But why exactly? Let’s explore 10 reasons to move to Maricopa County, AZ.

1. The Booming Economy 

A growing population usually equates to a growing economy. Maricopa County excels at both. In fact, Arizona has the third fastest growing economy in the United States. 

All types of industries from tech to healthcare to construction are finding their new home in Arizona. Job opportunities are bountiful and there is a healthy income to cost-of-living ratio.

2. The Metropolitan Area

Maricopa County is the most populated in all of AZ, encompassing essentially the entire Phoenix metropolitan area. It’s a diverse area with a big city, quiet suburban communities, and dazzling nature. 

3. The Affordable Housing Market

The average single-family home in Maricopa County costs about $320,000. For those seeking refuge from states with inflated housing markets (looking at you, CA) this price is an absolute steal. You’ll get a more spacious and higher-quality home for a fraction of the price

4. The Cost of Living

The cost of living is usually determined by several factors including but not limited to: 

  • Groceries
  • Housing
  • Healthcare 
  • Transportation

In Maricopa, all of the above are equal to or lower than the national average. Considering the rising wages of the area, why wouldn’t you want to move to Maricopa County? 

5. The Personal Income Growth Potential 

Arizona net earnings are among the top fastest growing in the nation. A booming economy brings higher wages to the table. Add that to Maricopa’s affordability and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to grow your income and your savings account! It’s the American dream, if you ask me.  

6. The Amenities

Everything you need to live comfortably in Maricopa County is essentially right around the corner. The well-designed housing communities create ease of daily life and cater directly to the suburban American family. 

Venture to the downtown of any one of the cities in Maricopa and you’ll find a vibrant and energetic crowd mingling in top-tier shopping and dining locations. 

Plus, minimal traffic across the county decreases stress levels. Take that, California! 

7. The Multi-Generational Attractions 

Everyone and their mom wants to move to Maricopa County. 

Young Gen Z and Millennial homebuyers are actively ditching big cities for the homier feel (and affordability) of their medium-to-small counterparts. Particularly in Maricopa, young people don’t have to sacrifice a fun night out, because this area of Arizona has a dynamic nightlife.

Gen X migrants to Maricopa County will find the safe, suburban communities an exceptional place to raise their families. And of course, will easily land a job to do so. 

Boomers heading into retirement will appreciate Maricopa as well. From the many golf courses, spas, hiking trails, and sunny days, who wouldn’t want to retire here? It’s like Florida without the humidity and hurricanes. 

8. The Outdoor Activities 

Arizona is so much more than a barren desert. Move to Maricopa County and you can hike Camelback, go jet skiing in Lake Pleasant, or just marvel at the sunset in your backyard. 

There are endless regional parks to soak in the sun and breath the fresh outdoor air, all within the vicinity of Maricopa’s neighborhoods. 

Also, Flagstaff is only 2 ½ hours away if you’re looking to switch up the scenery and enjoy a snowfall. 

9. The Weather 

If you don’t mind a little (a lot) of heat in the summertime, you will be rewarded with beautiful sunny days and comfortable mild temperatures from the fall to the spring. 

Average highs are 106° F in the summer. Average lows reach about the mid-40s during the winter nights, but remain in the 60s throughout the day. 

10. The Potential for Exponential Growth 

Mark Stapp, real estate expert at ASU, believes that the Phoenix area has “few constraints to future growth, relatively new transportation infrastructure, sufficient domestic water supply, and available land that is easy to develop.” 

If Maricopa County keeps playing its cards right, it will continue to be a desired place to live for decades to come.