As if rent isn’t pricey enough, filling your home interior can quickly max out your card if you’re not careful. Luckily, if you know where to look, you can have your house and enjoy it too. The following are 10 online stores you can shop for your home interior guilt-free. 

1.Joss & Main 

While furniture usually soars above the $1000 mark, Joss & Main keeps their products budget-friendly without sacrificing style. It’s the perfect way to give your space a put-together, adult vibe on an Ikea budget. 

Joss & Main personally introduced me to peel-and-stick tiles and wallpaper. Even with an apartment rental, you can personalize your interior and then take it all apart again when your lease is up. Talk about life hacks. 


Wayfair has it all. With a polarizing range of prices and styles, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your decorating dreams and desires. Don’t get overwhelmed with their massive home interior inventory, either- they have a well-designed website that makes it easy for you to filter out the unnecessary. Oh yeah, and free shipping. 


As you can infer, Overstock sells discounted home interior merchandise from other manufacturers. This means you’re getting quality items at a lower cost. However, since the brand has grown into a mega-retailer, they now sell their own new items as well. 

Overstock isn’t particularly known to be trendy or modern, but instead has an eclectic selection for all tastes. As long as you’re ok with digging through the irrelevant stockpile, on Overstock, you’re bound to find your (discounted) gold. 

4.Uncommon Goods

More focused on home decor than home furnishings, Uncommon Goods is a destination for quirky little trinkets. Dazzle your friends with creative decor pieces and unique kitchen gadgets. No matter what you find on Uncommon Goods, you’ll be guaranteed to enhance your space with personality. It’s also a great option to find housewarming gifts. 


Desenio stands apart from the rest of the list because it exclusively sells wall art and photographs. Don’t write it off though- it offers beautiful, quality pieces at an unmatched price.

The power of wall art can transform your space completely. Desenio’s broad, affordable selection won’t make your shopping easy, but it will definitely make for a fun time. 


Famed online retailer Etsy is known as a marketplace for artists. Naturally, this doesn’t disclude home goods. Although furnishings are uncommon on the site, you can find art, decor, bedding, kitchen utensils, rugs, and the like. 

Etsy makes it easy for you to find the style of art you desire by separating its search into categories. So even if you’re not into the crafty, homey look, you’ll be able to easily find the sleek and modern style you’re after. 

The best part of Etsy is an actual artist handmade your order, giving your personal space a special and unique touch. 


It’s not an affordable home retailer list unless there’s Ikea, right? We all know the useful benefits Ikea brings to the table of budget home goods. It, too, has an inventory to match every aesthetical taste, with a side of Swedish meatballs. 


Millenials will sing praises to Target, and with reason. Target is a big-box retailer with serious style at an economical price tag. Target is big on the mid-century modern revival (so hot right now) as well as cozy Scandinavian decor. When shopping for home goods at Target, It’s easy to achieve a chic interior without even trying.

9.Urban Outfitters 

Beyond the virtual racks of hipster clothing lies a home goods paradise waiting to be discovered. Urban Outfitters sells an eclectic mix of home decor and furnishings at a cost even a broke college student could bargain with. But its cost-effectiveness doesn’t take away from the quality or style you will find at UO. Don’t just leave it for the hipsters either- while there’s an abundance of crystal-themed products, there’s charming merchandise for the rest of us, too. 


Anthropolgie is basically a rogue Urban Outfitters gone boho. The store is not lacking in any home goods department. From furniture to decor to linens and towels, you can transform your space into a bohemian wonderland at an enviable price tag.