If you’re considering a move to Las Vegas, you shouldn’t gamble on your safety. Learning the safest neighborhoods will save you stress and trouble.

Sin City has its share of sinners. Crime analytics show there is a 1 in 34 chance of falling victim to a property crime in Las Vegas, and a 1 in 164 chance of suffering a violent crime. No corner of the valley is exempt from lawlessness; however, there are certain neighborhoods that are generally known to be more out of harm’s way. 

If you’d rather not end up a CSI Las Vegas case, keep reading to find the safest place for you to call home.  

10. Goodsprings, NV

You have to venture 40 minutes outside of the valley to find the 10th safest neighborhood in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. With a population of 110 people there’s not much crime going on in Goodsprings because, well, there’s not much going on at all. 

9. Centennial Hills

In the far northeast of the Las Vegas Valley lies Centennial Hills. It is about the same distance to the strip as Goodsprings, but surrounded by neighboring suburbs. 

8. Sun City Summerlin 

Summerlin is a massive and well-known gated community on the westside of Las Vegas. Within Summerlin are many sub-neighborhoods, one of which is Sun City, at the very west end bordering the edge of the valley. Its homes are designed in typical southwestern style with white stucco walls and tiled roofs.  

7. The Paseos

The Paseos steals 7th place in the safest Las Vegas neighborhoods. Just like Sun City, it is located at the edge of Summerlin, only a few miles farther south. The gated community offers safety as well as convenience, located just around the corner from shopping centers and Red Rock Casino Resort

6. The Ridges

Traveling even farther down the map lies The Ridges, yet another Summerlin suburb. All the Summerlin homes are quality, but this neighborhood is the cream of the crop. The Ridges is a newer planned community characterized by modern homes along the hills of the outer Las Vegas Valley. 

5. Southern Highlands

Finally leaving Summerlin (for now), we reach Southern Highlands, aptly named after its geographical location at the far southern end of the valley. The neighborhood is another typical suburban layout with all the fundamental amenities and just off the 15 freeway leading to the Strip. 

4. The Lakes

An older side of Summerlin, the Lakes comprises 90s-style southwestern homes built around man-made lakes. Quality of life is high here, with low crime rates and rare but stunning water views against a desert mountain backdrop. 

3. Sheep Mountain

Back to the northeast valley, Sheep Mountain sits at the farthest northern point of Las Vegas above the 215 freeway. 79% of people say they would walk around the neighborhood at night. 

2. Tule Springs

To the right of Centennial Hills and to the left of Sheep Mountain in the northeast valley you’ll find family-friendly Tule Springs. Out of every 100k people in this neighborhood, only 1,718 will fall victim to some type of crime

1. The Trails

The #1 safest neighborhood in Las Vegas takes us back to North Summerlin, this time in a gated community bordering Sun City. It’s evident that Summerlin, particularly North Summerlin, has the lowest crime rates in all of Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a crime-free lifestyle, place your bets here.