It’s true, California is going through a mass exodus. But there are some parts of the state that are actually expanding in size. The fastest growing cities in California are experiencing their own burgeoning success.

In 2020 the California population grew by just the slightest .2%, and it’s easy to see where. The outer Bay Area, Sacramento Valley, Inland Empire, and Central Valley attracted California residents for their (somewhat) more affordable cost of living in comparison to their coastal counterparts.  

According to the California Department of Finance, the following are the fastest growing cities in California in 2020. Keep in mind, we are only considering cities with a population over 30,000 in this list. Various smaller towns also reached their own peak population.

10. Clovis

A quaint town on the outskirts of Fresno, Clovis offers more than you’d expect. Besides affordable housing, its impressive school ratings and vicinity to Yosemite make it a great place to call home and raise a family. 

Percent change: 2.2%

Population: 119,175

9. Rocklin

North of Sacramento in Placer County lies Rocklin, an upscale suburban town with competitive public schools. In Rocklin you can enjoy a spacious home and minimal traffic while still living the California lifestyle, which is a true feat. 

Percent change: 2.2%

Population: 70,350

8. Milpitas

People are escaping the increasingly unaffordable San Francisco Bay area in droves. Surprisingly, however, the Milpitas population is growing. The town is just north of San Jose and is considered to be a part of Silicon Valley. Commute times to San Francisco may be longer, but the cost of living makes it worth it.

Percent change: 2.3%

Population: 77,961

7. Los Gatos

Los Gatos sits below San Jose in the Silicon Valley. You’d think Silicon Valley means expensive, out-of-your-reach homes- and it usually does. However, Los Gatos is more welcoming towards the middle-class while still upholding a safe community and a braggable school system. 

Percent change: 2.3%

Population: 31,439

6. Merced 

Don’t knock the Central Valley. Merced, north of Fresno and along highway 99 is one of the fastest growing cities in California. People want to move here because of its family-friendly environment, job opportunities, and affordable housing. 

Percent change: 2.4%

Population: 88,120 

5. Dublin

Dublin’s population has truly been doublin’ this past decade. People priced out of the Bay Area are attracted to Dublin’s reasonable cost of living. It’s just far enough away from San Francisco to be affordable but still commutable. So far, the town has handled the population uptick with finesse.

Percent change: 2.5%

Population: 65,716

4. Menifee

Menifee lies in Riverside County in Southern California. While housing prices are out the roof in Los Angeles, Menifee provides a refreshing change, with more realistic home prices and overall more breathing room compared to city life. Its location and safety make it an obvious candidate for one of the fastest growing cities in California.

Percent change: 2.5%

Population: 97,093

3. Roseville

Roseville, also in Placer County north of Sacramento, directly borders Rocklin. The town offers a comfortable, safe environment to raise a family while being a short drive away from the conveniences of bigger city Sacramento. Its vicinity to Reno and Lake Tahoe are an added bonus. 

Percent change: 2.7%

Population: 145,163

2. Folsom

Folsom is yet another town in the Sacramento Valley that made it to the list. It’s characterized by newly constructed homes bordering the El Dorado Hills leading up to South Lake Tahoe. But it also boasts its own lake for local family fun. The safety, education, cost of living, and convenience of Folsom are impressive. 

Percent change: 3.1%

Population: 81,610

1. Beaumont

Beaumont tops this year’s list as the fastest growing city in California. The expanding suburban community in Riverside County is in close proximity to Southern California’s cities while still maintaining a rural vibe. With its fresh air and favorable quality of life, it’s no wonder more and more people want a piece of Beaumont. 

Percent change: 3.7%

Population: 51,475