There’s something about this time of year, when the air turns crisp and the leaves start falling, that makes you want to cozy up in your home. There are ways to give your home a fall feel without going overboard or looking cheesy. You can transition your space to a comfy fall oasis in a few simple steps. 

1. Set the Mood with Lighting

First off, you can’t cozy up your home without candles. There’s something about a glowing candle on a chilly autumn night that really ties your space together. A fall scent is favorable, but something fresh like cotton or clean linen is ok, too. Avoid a summery smell like coconut- it will throw off the fall vibes you’re aiming for. 

Also, softly lit lamps do wonders in achieving a cozy effect. They give the home a more welcoming and relaxed feel as opposed to harsh, bright overhead lights.

2. Bust Out the Blankets

Blankets are a must to keep you warm, but they can double as fall decor when you’re off the couch. Just fold them in style and drape them over the side of the sofa (or wherever you see fit).

Not any old blanket will do, though. Cozy up your apartment with stylish chunky knits, or dark or neutral toned blankets in fun fall fabrics like fur or fleece. This goes for throw pillows as well. 

While you’re at it, switch your cotton bedsheets for flannel ones for maximum toasty warmth in the nighttime. 

3. Go Dark

This should be obvious, but stick with darker or natural colors in your decor. Fall is a moody time of year, so your ambiance should match (but in a comfy and not seasonal depression sort of way). Toss your bright colors into the storage closet ‘til next spring. 

If you’re craving patterns, opt for plaid. It will cozy up your apartment with its dark academia vibes, and it conveniently never goes out of style, meaning you can break it out every year. 

4. Embrace Hygge

If you haven’t already heard, Hygge is a Danish word that means embracing coziness and appreciating life through the simple things. It encourages curling up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate with the rain outside. It stands for comfort foods and pajama days. 

Hygge has been a popular decor theme for a while and its elements can be found in stores like Target and Ikea. Basically, it’s categorized by chunky blankets, candles, and natural elements (like wood, fleece, and ceramics). 

5. Add Autumn Touches

Not all fall decorations are corny or basic. Some subtle items can boost the seasonal feeling without making your home feel like a Halloween store. For example, cute little pumpkin pieces can add a touch of fall personality in your living room or as a centerpiece on your dining table. 

6. Light the Fireplace 

Yes, candles are essential, but fireplaces hit uniquely if you really want to create the ultimate cozy atmosphere. 
Don’t have one? Don’t worry- fake fireplaces are a real thing. They won’t actually provide you warmth or that burning cedar smell, but that’s what heaters and scented candles are for.