The Top Architectural Trends for 2020 - Sell Your House - Offer Key

You are probably a big fan of the home renovation programs. One thing you may have noticed is how architectural trends continue to change over the years. People are leaning more towards smart homes and eco-friendly technology. There is a greater emphasis on environmentally sustainable material and equipment. We will explore the top architectural trends that we can look forward to in 2020. 

  • Smart Homes

Technology, like artificial intelligence, has contributed to more people automating their homes. You no longer have to be within the vicinity to control certain functions. You don’t have to go back home because you forgot to switch off the lights. As well, you don’t have to get up to open or close the doors or windows manually. You get comfort and efficiency and cost-saving benefits. Houses for sale in Los Angeles lists some of the smart features as the top-selling points. 

  • Multi-Purpose Open Spaces

Forget about putting up walls in all the areas of the house. The trend right now is to create multipurpose, yet open spaces; you maximize the available squarage, and save on the money you would use on partitions. The open-plan has become very popular, and you will find it in many modern homes.

  • Highlighting Previously Ignored Areas

The more traditional forms of architecture concentrated on the living area and perhaps the kitchen. Areas such as bathrooms, attics and basements did not get as much attention. Modern architecture is now focusing on such areas for added functionality. Los Angeles homes for sale, for example, incorporate aspects such as Jacuzzi’s as a value-add. The bathroom has now become a place to relax and rejuvenate from the trials of the day. You can also bring the spa into your home, and get to use it anytime you wish at no additional cost. 

The kitchen is also getting more prominence. From time immemorial, families tend to congregate around the cooking areas. It is an excellent place to catch up with the family. It also removes the formality and rigidity of having to meet in the formal areas. It could explain why features such as kitchen islands are becoming a commonplace in most homes. A mother can keep her eyes on the kids as they do their homework while she prepares meals. Breakfast is a breeze because you prepare and serve within the same vicinity. 

  • Minimalist Designs

Modern architecture is leaning towards more minimalist designs to bring out the current and simpler ways of living. The focus is more on the quality of the few furniture on the material within the home. 

Minimalism is also extending to the size of modern homes. Lack of available space and the adoption of simpler living are making people look for smaller spaces. You may have realized that tiny houses are getting more prominence. They are cheaper to construct, and most people can take them on as DIY projects. Some are portable and incorporate design aspects such as foldable steps or walls, and hidden storage spaces. First-time owners, young couples, and some pensioners are giving up lavish living for minimalist living. Modern architecture is becoming more about the quality of the structure than how big it is. 

  • Maximizing on Outdoor Space

Houses in Los Angeles are emphasizing the functionality and usability of outdoor space. There is a lot of attention that is going into the construction of balconies and terraces. Such designs take into consideration all year usage; it allows the family to spend a lot of time outdoors no matter the season. 

  • Return to White

There was a period when people were willing to embrace their more colorful side. You would, therefore, find walls featuring exciting combinations of colors. However, there seems to be a return to ‘white movement’ going on. White becomes the dominant color in most of the architecture. Introduction of other colors such as grey or black adds an interesting dimension and breaks the monotony. The advantage of white is that it makes a room larger. It is also excellent for trapping light which gives the room a better aesthetic appeal.

  • Noise Reduction

Most Los Angeles homes for sale are focusing on how to keep the outside noise, minimal. They use specific material and architectural designs to minimize how much noise gets into the building. The home is a place for relaxation, and to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It is, therefore, an excellent investment to look for a house that has taken advantage of existing technology around noise reduction. 

  • Innovative Construction Techniques

Engineers and architects are embracing innovation with regards to construction. It is, therefore, common to find some houses purely constructed out of recycled material. Engineers incorporate the use of plastic, tin and iron, to name a few. It is an excellent trend because it helps combat environmental destruction. 

There is also a focus on how to use and maximize natural energy to power the homes. Take note of the houses in Los Angeles, and you will find most have solar panels to take advantage of the free energy from the sun. It makes running the home cheaper and more efficient. 

  • Flipping or Rehabilitating Houses

The trend of starting the construction of a house from point zero is slowly losing significance. By flipping or rehabilitating homes, you get to enjoy the historical aspects of bringing a touch of modernity. It is also more economical and will give many first-time owners more affordable options.

  • Role of Technology in Construction

Technology, such as virtual reality, is making inroads in the construction industry. 3D rendering, wearable sensors, machine learning, and artificial intelligence also play significant roles. The use of drones improves safety and gives access to dangerous areas in construction sites. The result is better efficiency and quality structure. 

Final Thoughts

Modern architectural trends for 2020 are exciting to see. The customer is more demanding, wants better choices, and looks beyond themselves. That is why the focus on sustainability is especially welcome, and a key consideration for anyone who is looking for houses for sale in Los Angeles. Homeowners want certainty that the material is environmentally friendly, and that there is the sourcing of local materials for the construction. Integrating spaces and maximizing on the outdoor area has also given many homeowners extra living space, thus more comfort.