LA is the spot for so many attractions. You can go to the beach or just stroll Hollywood Boulevard looking for stars. Imagine how amazing it would be to live and work there. In a town where you can be anyone, looking for houses for sale in Los Angeles is anyone’s dream. There are large homes available in LA that you should look into if you want a castle. The following is an article on Los Angeles homes for sale right now that just happen to be huge mansions.

8408 Hillside Avenue

This mansion is 20,058 square feet. That will give you enough room to roam and then some. The price right now is listed at $43.9 million. You will be sitting pretty in the hills. Additionally, you will have three stories to explore and decorate. The view is spectacular and you can stare right out onto downtown LA. The huge gate at the front will keep you safe. The look is boxy and in line with modern trends. You can expect at this price to enjoy modern amenities such as a hot tub. The walk-in closet is imported from Italy. You can relax after a hard day at work in a cold pool, warm pool, and then a trip to the steam room and sauna. Of course, the exterior of the home cannot be beat with palm trees and a huge modern fire pit. A place like this comes about once in a lifetime. You can even see the spectacular view of the downtown when you are getting dressed in the morning.

875 Nimes Road

This mansion is more regal and looks sophisticated made of limestone. It offers 25,000 square feet, so it is even larger than the Hillside property. The backyard has 10 acres so there is a real manicured garden outside. This estate costs a regal $195 million dollars. Imagine having that kind of money! The swimming pool alone is 75 feet. If you are training in any kind of swimming sport, then this is a must. You can also have friends over that love to do lengths. If you liked the French palaces and gardens then this is a property in LA’s Bel Air that you should certainly look into.

627 Carcassonne Rd

The mansion is $65 million dollars and is still on the market up for grabs. In some parts, it has marble flooring. You have plenty of roaming room at 28,000 square feet. The architecture is modern and there are huge pieces of art staged in the place. You can even see marble stones to walk on outside over a man-made pool and a large gold tear-shaped sculpture. This is a place for people that cannot get enough of the Hollywood lifestyle. You will be impressed if you’ve always dreamed of having your own world. The modern pop art in itself is eye-catching and very Hollywood.

67 Beverly Park Ct

Ah, Beverly Hills, the place where you can have all your dreams come true. The home is 28,660 square feet and is modeled after a large Italian villa. You can park all you cars in 30 car courtyard and then go lounge by the pool. The Canary Island Palms are more than 40 years old and complete the look of this picture-perfect home. If you love palazzos, you will equally enjoy this Beverly Hills oasis. You will have plenty of time after a long day to reflect in your garden or just give yourself the space you deserve.

277 Saint Pierre Rd

This is one of the largest properties on this list at 36,000 square feet. You can be spoiled here with both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The only decision you’ll need to make is which one to use. You can enjoy bowling, a gym, and a cinema in this all-encompassing world. The decor and designs are very modern so you still feel like you’re living with the times.


There are plenty of houses for sale in Los Angeles. You can count that it is an area that is in high demand among the movers and the shakers. Houses in Los Angeles like these are obviously designed for multi-millionaires. The average person will probably never come close to even being able to rent out a room in one of these places if such an offer were on the table. This is what makes houses for sale in Los Angeles so much fun. People have a larger than life attitude there. It’s a place where entire sets are designed for make-believe worlds and just as easily dissembled for the next building project. It would make sense that these stars set their sights on grandiose dwellings. It’s not just the stars that have this kind of lifestyle. It’s also some of the Silicon Valley crowd and certainly many entrepreneurs.

Yes, it’s true that the Hollywood life isn’t for everyone. Not everyone can be in such a glamorous place. There are some sad areas in LA as well that prove that there is such a thing as broken dreams in the town of dreams. However, there’s the true success stories and their American Dream lives that inspire us all. If you are thinking of moving to LA and finding one of these large houses in Los Angeles to take a tour of, you are in for a treat. The views and the items in the houses in Los Angeles are even more spectacular in person.

An entrepreneur can even buy large condo or apartment complexes there and then rent them out. There’s a lot of potential too to be a landlord in Hollywood because everyone wants to be there. The pay is good and you will work with some of the most talented people in the world. There’s nothing you can’t do when you have a team of elite who are supporting your work. Look at these houses in Los Angeles and start dreaming bigger.