There’s no denying that moving is stressful. On top of cleaning, traveling, and mentally preparing for a change, you have to uproot your whole life and put it in a box. If you don’t know how to pack for moving day, chances are you might be putting it off completely. 

However, waiting until the last minute is the worst thing you can do. Get started ASAP, one step at a time, and you’ll tackle the transition with ease. 

1. Clear Out the Old

There’s no time like moving homes to declutter your life. The last thing you should do is grab a pile of junk and shift it from one location to the other. Use this time to shed the unnecessary, leave what you don’t need or use in the past, and pave the way for a fresh start. 

2. Supply Up

Here’s a little known secret of packing for moving day- the best way to get organized is to pre-plan your supplies. Get boxes, ziplocs, tape, scissors, bubble wrap, labels, and whatever else may help you in the process. Equipping yourself with supplies is the best way to face the challenge head on. 

Side note: get quality stuff. The last thing you need is your boxes falling apart in the street!

3. Label Everything 

Your future self will thank you. When moving, it’s inevitable things will get lost in the shuffle. Taking the extra step to label boxes and what’s inside them will save you time on the flip side.

4. Go Room by Room

If you don’t know where to start or how to get organized, just group your items room by room. Gathering your things shouldn’t be headache-inducing. Unless you’re downsizing houses, you can get by with this simple rule. It will make packing for moving day (and the subsequent unpacking) so much easier. 

5. Start Early

This should be a rule for everything in life, but especially with the stress of a move. It always takes more time than you expect to get your things in order. By getting a head start you’ll save yourself from mistakes made in a rush and unnecessary anxiety

6. Set Aside the Daily Essentials

It’s great to pack for moving day early- however keep your head in the present, too! You’ll still need your day-to-day essentials such as toiletries, kitchen items, electronics/chargers and some clothes. Pretend you’re going on a trip and set aside these necessities from the rest of your belongings. 

7. Wrap Fragile Items

I’m not just talking about ceramics. You shouldn’t throw electronics or even shoes all together, either. Your things will almost definitely get bumped and scratched along the way so prepare accordingly. Don’t stress if you’re in a pinch- paper, towels or sheets will get the job done too.

8. Remember the Refrigerator 

Refrigerators need proper planning days before moving day. It needs to be defrosted at least 48 hours in advance or you’ll have a leaky mess moving around. You can place the food that’s stored inside into coolers so it doesn’t spoil. 

9. Don’t Overpack

Resist the urge to fill your boxes to the brim. It may seem more convenient to have less boxes when packing for moving day. However, the heavier the box is, the more likely it is to break and the harder it is to move. Instead, fill the space at the top with balled up newspaper to keep everything in place and create a safe buffer. 

10. Schedule Movers

Unless you can lug all your belongings into a Uhaul, it’s advisable to get help from a professional service. Don’t wait until the last minute before moving day, either. By giving yourself enough time in advance you’ll be able to find the best deal.