Craigslist is one of the largest internet platforms visited by millions of people from across the world every day. Whatever you need to buy, the chances are that someone already has it on craigslist. It makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to communicate, but you also have to be careful not to fall prey to scams. Although almost all items do well on the platform, real estate is usually a lot more challenging. Very few users have reported selling their houses successfully on the platform because of several reasons, such as liability and insecurity issues. By selling a house yourself, you are more exposed to everyone, most of which are jokers. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the few who have. You can still follow the right steps and sell your house within a few days, regardless of your location.

Create the perfect ad

Create content

All houses for sale in Los Angeles and everywhere else have amazing ads that attract buyers. Start by creating excellent content to describe your house but make it as clear and concise as possible for people to understand easily. Let the description cover all the details of the house to avoid having people bombarding you with questions. Details could also help reduce potential customers and increase your chances of being contacted by only the serious ones who want a house like the one you’re selling. Don’t forget to cover all the renovations you have done and all the other features that add value to the house or makes it unique. Most people focus on the main amenities like the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry. Make sure you include as much information as possible about these areas.

Take pictures

Blocks of texts will not be as effective as high-quality pictures. Make sure you capture different aspects of the house in the perfect lighting to get vibrant pictures. Take pictures of the interior as well as the exterior and make sure the pictures portray the house in the best way possible. Avoid dark pictures or those with a glare. The pictures that you take will be one of the most important factors to help you sell your house on craigslist.

Add contact

The goal of putting up houses for sale in San Francisco is to get other people to buy them. Naturally, interested buyers will have questions and therefore need a way to contact you. However, since craigslist is an online forum, you cannot put your phone number on your ad there. Instead, ask interested buyers to contact you through your email. This will discourage jokers from contacting you. Even if they do, you will have a better chance of sorting through emails than phone calls. Besides, a constantly ringing phone will end up irritating you.

Using craigslist

To place houses for sale in San Francisco or other locations on craigslist, you must get to official website then navigate to the left side where you can click on “create a posting.” You will then choose your location, after which you can specify the type of ad you are placing. You also have to agree to the terms and conditions of the website before proceeding. There is a section for content. You can then put up the content you created, but remember to give it a catchy title.

Some tips for creating a headline include using numbers and making the title emotional. For instance, if you have some amenities like schools or a beach close by, then make sure you mention that your house is located in the places. After a great headline, make sure the rest of the content is excellent as well.

Another essential factor you shouldn’t miss is the price. Make sure you quote the right price, which means that you will need to do thorough research on real estate prices around your area. The market trends are a guideline that all sellers and buyers use. Quoting a lower price could lead you to losses, and at the same time, a too high price range will leave you stranded. Remember to ask for your property’s value, and don’t forget that very few people who express interest will be serious buyers.

Do’s and don’ts

Using craigslist requires proper strategizing, which includes knowing the right time to post. Most people are free during the weekends, which is when they tend to shop around for real estate properties. However, some people, especially those who may be in a hurry to move, also spend their free time during weekdays shopping around. This means that apart from Saturdays and Sundays, traffic is also high during weekdays at specific times, such as between 1 pm to 2 pm or from 5 pm. However, sometimes traffic reduces on Saturdays but remains high on Mondays. This means that your best bet is to keep posting.

Never allow house viewings to happen when you are alone in the house because this could leave you exposed to criminal activities. Remember that some people tend to lurk online, looking for every opportunity to commit crimes. Posing as potential buyers could give them the opportunity they want. Always ask someone you trust like a family member to stick around and be cautious with people who insist on coming after the official hours you’ve allowed.

It’s normal for problems to occur with your posts. Some information may not appear as you had hoped, but you can always make any changes as the need arises. As you edit your posts, remember to check the expiration of your posts.

To avoid attracting unwanted attention like those or realtors, make sure you indicate that you don’t need any. This will allow you to save money that you would otherwise spend on commissions and will also ensure you only generate good leads.

Avoid taking photos of the house with your phone no matter how great you think it is. Hire a professional photographer or invest in a good camera. You can also use other sources to learn how to make great pictures. Remember to keep your photo descriptions simple and honest. If you do all of these, it might be easier to sell your house on craigslist.


One of the reasons why I would want to sell my house on craigslist is to save money. Using the site is free, and there have also been successful house sales, which means that it is possible. These guidelines should also help you sell your house successfully regardless of where it is located. Just remember to be cautious, especially when it comes to house visits and money transactions. You may not sell your house on craigslist as fast as you’d like, but the wait is usually worth it.