We’ve all been there- staring down a heap of clothes shoved into every crevice of the closet. If you made it to this page, chances are you’re probably doing that right now. It may seem daunting to get started, but with these straightforward steps you’ll organize your closet like a pro in no time. 

They say a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. The benefits you’ll reap from an organized closet include time saved searching for items and a bountiful mental health boost. Plus, with the changing of seasons it’s just more efficient to have your weather-appropriate clothes at the forefront. 

The following steps are a fast-track way to organize your closet like a pro. We promise you the end result will rival a boutique store display.

1. Empty It Out 

That’s right- things are going to get messier before they get cleaner. To start with a clean slate you’ll have to take all your pieces out and get ready to review them, one by one. 

2. Sort It Out

Now that you’ve got all your belongings scattered around, it’s time to do the real work. Begin sorting out your clothes into a yes pile and a no pile. 

This may be easier said than done. To organize your closet like a pro you will have to stay committed to the process. Meaning you can’t hold on to that sequined birthday dress you wore once 5 years ago and haven’t touched since. 

To simplify the selection process, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does this fit me?
  • Have I worn this in the past year?
  • Is this damaged beyond reasonable repair?
  • Has this fallen out of style?

To spare yourself time and hassle later on, make sure to separate the yes pile into winter clothes, summer clothes, and in-between as you go. 

3. Store the Seasonals

Now that you’ve already sorted your clothes out by season, we can get the irrelevant stuff out of the way first. Fold and place the season-specific clothing into a storage box and place it in a hard-to-reach corner of your closet. After all, you won’t be needing them for a while. And when the weather starts to change just swap out the clothes and you’ll be set. 

4. Separate by Style

To organize your closet like a pro you’ll need to keep all similar clothing items together. Mixing dresses with coats and leggings is neither attractive nor efficient. So, start placing all your clothing categories back into the closet in their appropriate groups. 

At this point in the process you can put your clothes back in the closet as you go. Not only will it save you time, but you’ll more easily see your clothing and properly discern where it belongs. 

5. Keep it Color Coordinated

You’ve got to color coordinate your closet if you want to achieve pro closet status. This extra step will look so attractive and put-together and make a world of difference when you’re done. 

The most effective way to color coordinate is to start with dark shades like black and brown, then follow the colors of the rainbow, and finally end in light greys and whites. If a garment is a mix of colors and you’re unsure which way to go, just choose the prominent color. 

6. Remember the Details

The devil is in the details, and if you’re going to organize your closet like a pro, you’d better think like one. Take hangers, for example. They should all be matching and facing the same direction for easier use and aesthetic appeal. Now take this rule and extend it to all your containers for storage, accessories, and shoes. 


Once you’re done, everything should look streamlined, put in its place, and easily accessible. Your only challenge now is to keep it that way!