How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space - Offer Key

With the rise and rise of COVID-19, it’s become increasingly necessary to work from home. Whether you want to revamp your home office space or need to create one from scratch, you can set yourself up for success by following some simple rules. 

Mustering up the desire to work can always be a challenge, let alone in your own house, the place you’re used to retreating to for relaxation. When working from home the lines dividing your living space from your working space are easily blurred. To be productive you’ll need an inspiring zone to get you energized and motivated to slay the day. 

Creating the perfect home office space can be easily done by tackling the three categories below. 


Don’t underestimate the power of a comfortable chair. You’d be surprised how much more you can get done with a straight back and relaxed elbows. Alternately, standing desks are an even healthier option, as sitting excessively throughout the day has been proven to cause health problems. If you’re unsure which route to take or you want to switch it up, there are adjustable desks and laptop stands to suit your fancy at any given moment. 

Naturally, you should make sure to have a high-speed internet connection before even getting started. Nothing is more detrimental to your productivity than not having access to your work. A spotty or slow connection will leave you stressed and swamped with backed-up tasks.

As the saying goes, a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Putting in a little extra effort to organize your supplies will be worth it in the long run. Keep all your pens in a container, files in their respective folders, and miscellaneous objects in labeled boxes. 

Continuing on the topic of organization, don’t forget to give your wires some love, too. Cluttered wires are an eyesore at best, and a disaster waiting to happen at worst. 


Like I stated previously, it’s essential to divide your workspace from your living space. If you have a room dedicated completely to a home office, great! Otherwise, it’s totally possible to create a makeshift workspace anywhere in your house. 

No matter what, try your best to have your home office space in a quiet, distraction-free corner of the house. Pre-planning your workspace in a productive area will allow you to dive into deep work when the necessary time comes around. Not to mention you’ll be needing some quiet time for all those Zoom conference calls. 

Did you know that natural light is the biggest factor in workplace wellbeing? If possible, set up your desk by a large window to soak up the sunbeams and get inspired by the outside world. If you’re unable to, no worries- LED lights are a great alternative to providing a bright, natural vibe. No matter what, do your best to avoid a dimly lit room or harsh fluorescent lighting.


Give your home office a fresh feel with some green accents. Indoor plants and succulents are certainly having their moment, and they don’t just add a stylish upgrade to your workspace. Actually, houseplants boost your health by lifting your mood, purifying air, and relieving stress, among other things. If you’re not up for the challenge of keeping things alive, don’t stress- fake plants can get the job done (minus the air purifying part, sorry).  

Some people thrive with an image board. If you’re a visual type of person, add a bulletin board and pin inspiring pictures and quotes that will keep your creativity engaged even through an afternoon slump. 


A healthy physical space will give you a healthy headspace. However, there are certain factors that can’t be controlled from the outside. To be truly effective at working from home, you’ll have to respect a structured schedule and create the motivation from within to get the job done.