Apartment balconies tend to be boring slabs of concrete with no personality or aesthetic. If you’re dreaming of a personal luxury cabana right at home, don’t despair- it’s easier than you think to transform your outside space. With many weeks of summer ahead of us, you still have plenty of time to complete an apartment balcony makeover. 

DIY projects can seem daunting before getting started. You have to envision the space, find all the right materials, get the job done and hope it won’t come out a mess. Most importantly, you have to make sure all of the above can easily be undone when you ultimately move out of your apartment. 

Follow this guide and you’ll have an easy and fun time transforming your balcony from start to finish. Furthermore, you’ll be shocked at how the space can go from boring to fabulous in no time. The best part? You won’t have to break the bank. 


Starting with the basics, it’s important to get the flooring (literally) down before introducing other elements to your outside space. For this, I have two words- decking tiles. 

Decking tiles are the best choice for an apartment balcony makeover because they can be easily placed and removed. Ikea has a great set of modern, stylish flooring options like fake grass, wooden beams, or Moroccan patterns to match the aesthetic you’re striving for. 

Flooring might seem insignificant to you, but do not skip this step! As soon as the tiles are down you’ll notice your balcony already coming together. 

Walls and Railing

After designing your floors, you’re going to want to give some love to your walls and railing. This step can be overlooked but should certainly not be dismissed. 

Adding upgrades to your rails and walls will help keep your space more private and intimate. Sometimes, apartment balconies can be uncomfortably close to each other, and if you value your privacy you may want to avoid going outside altogether. 

To remedy this, balcony screens can be hung around your railing. If you want to get creative, find some in tiki or fake ivy. For the area above, hang outdoor drapes that can be pulled back to soak in the scenery, or closed shut for private get-togethers. They even provide you shade as an extra little bonus. 

Fill your wall space with vertical planters or weather-resistant art for a put-together look. If your complex allows it, paint an accent wall for a pop of color that will really make your balcony shine. 


What’s an apartment balcony makeover without new matching furniture? To achieve a contemporary feel, shop around for sofa sectionals in a neutral color and throw washable outdoor cushions on top. For an extra sleek touch, include a matching coffee table that can be pushed into the sectional. This simultaneously provides a compact look while freeing up space. 

A creative alternative to seating would be to hang a hammock across your balcony for the ultimate chill hangout spot. 


Your transformation is almost complete. Don’t quit now! To really make the most of your apartment balcony makeover, you’re going to need some special touches. 

A little lighting can go a long way. String lights across the top of the balcony or along the railing are a popular option to keep your outdoor area glowing through the summer nights. Fairy light bulbs will keep your balcony dreamy, while edison light bulbs feel more contemporary and hip. Otherwise, LED globes placed on the floor will really give your balcony that expensive lounge feel. 

I cannot stress this enough- add greenery! Plants reduce stress and create a put-together atmosphere that will have your friends and family green with envy. All it really takes is some fake succulents on your coffee table or a cactus in the corner to do the trick.