Paint color has a powerful way of manipulating your mood. Color in general plays with the subconscious, and when a certain shade surrounds you there’s no escaping its impact on your emotions. 

That being said, you can stay ahead of the game by choosing a paint color that radiates the energy you’d rather vibe with. Plus, different rooms of the house call for different emotions and intensities, so you can enjoy the whole spectrum of colors if you have the space for it. 

There’s no time like quarantine to give your walls a makeover. But before you run out to buy supplies, read over this list to determine the perfect ambiance for your abode. 


Blue soothes the soul and promotes calmness and well-being. It is even known to lower heart rate

For this reason it’s a great color for the bedroom or living room, the parts of the house you go to find relaxation. Furthermore, blue boosts productivity, so it would work well in an office, too. 

A room overdone in blue, however, might tend to feel cold and sterile, so make sure the space is balanced with warmer tones from your furniture, decor, or even the sun rays gleaming from outside. 

Also, don’t forget that shades matter. While a calm cerulean will tranquilize your frame of mind, a super dark blue can actually drag your spirits down. Any super dark color will surface feelings of depression. 


Green combines all the best qualities of cool and calming blue with warm and inviting yellow, making it the true apple of your eye. This paint color brings the benefits of nature to your interior space by relieving stress and promoting peacefulness. 

An added perk of green is that it increases fertility, making it a competitive contender for the bedroom. But you don’t have to stop there- its positive effects render it a great color choice for any room of the house. 

Green is the new pink, so if you’re looking for the most up-and-coming color trend of the moment, your choice has been made.


Red is an intense color that stirs up passion and excitement. So much so, in fact, that it’s easy to go overboard with. The eye can get quickly exhausted looking at such a fierce color, and your energy levels can go from boosted to depleted in a relatively short matter of time. 

This all depends on your personality and tolerance for intensity, however. If you have naturally higher energy levels, maybe you can keep up with a loud and zesty paint color like red. 

Playful and stimulating red walls are best suited for rooms like the kitchen, office, or game room, where creativity and conversation are encouraged. 

But once again, keep shades in mind. Lighter and purer reds will envelop you in energy, but a deeper crimson will evoke anger and unrest. 


Orange, like red, is a color with a loud personality. Energizing and stimulating, it’s not easy on the eyes.

Orange is best suited for a gym, a place you want to find energy but don’t plan on staying long. Otherwise, it works well as an accent for a happy pop of color in the kitchen or dining room. I recommend avoiding orange in the bedroom and especially in a nursery. 


Mellow yellow walls are uplifting and warm. As a happiness promoter, this color works well in kitchens and dining rooms, which are both spaces to socialize and share memories in. 

But, be forewarned- yellow is yet another risky color to play with on your walls. The paint color is known to stir up uneasiness and frustration when looked at too long. 

If your heart is set on a yellow tone, opt for an accent wall or go with a soft shade that’s not overbearing for the soul.


When you think of paint colors, your mind may not immediately gravitate to purple. It’s quirkier and more feminine than other colors, sure, but don’t immediately rule it out. At its lighter hues, purple has the same relaxing benefits as blue. Deeper shades instead represent royalty and luxury, while also promoting creativity. 

A stately dark purple accent wall in an office would be a great way to boost your creative juices while subconsciously sending a message of authority. 

A light purple bedroom, bathroom or hallway can keep the mood serene, playful, and unique.


The undeniable color of the times, pink is peaceful and gentle in its lighter shades. But not everyone wants to dedicate their walls to such an uncommon paint choice, and that’s okay. Its beneficial effects work well in bathrooms and nurseries, where you may feel more at ease to play with untraditional colors.


The purest of them all, white is the best wall paint color when you want to work with a clean slate and set the tone to neutral. White walls give you the option to make the room whatever you want it to be, and allows the flexibility to switch it up as often as you like. With a white paint color, changing the ambiance is as easy as swapping out throw pillows. 


Grey is a great option when you want to achieve a spacious and refreshing feel. As a neutral color, it goes well in all rooms of the house. In fact, it’s been a popular choice in modern color trends and is still going strong.

Grey can feel more glam with silver accents, or more zen-like with plants and organic fabrics. You choose the mood. 


One would assume black walls are the epitome of dreariness and depression, but that’s not always true. In small doses, black paint can give off a modern and invigorating sensation that works well everywhere from the kitchen to the library to the bedroom. Just make sure to leave at least one wall white or grey, even if it’s only the ceiling, or you’ll easily drown in the darkness.