They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. It’s the place you cook, dine, host guests, and spend the most time in. But interior styles are changing fast and could leave your space feeling tacky and outdated. If you’re craving a new kitchen without a total upheaval, there are cheap ways to upgrade that will make both your home and your bank account happy. 


The cheapest hack to upgrading your kitchen countertops is with peel and stick wrap. You don’t need to tear your kitchen apart to create a new look. Simply glide the new wrap over the old counters and your kitchen transformation will already start to come to life. 

Trend Tip:

Marble countertops are the classy, contemporary look your kitchen needs. However, fresh subway tiles or a wood finish are both also trendy in 2020. 


If you’re not renting a property with restrictions on painting, then the easiest and cheapest way to upgrade your kitchen is to paint away! You don’t have to invest in and install all-new cabinetry to switch up your kitchen’s look- a paint job will instantly refresh the room.

If paint alone won’t cut it for you, the next best option is to switch out the doors and handles without uprooting your entire kitchen setup. 

Trend Tip:

Paint your cabinets with a bright burst of color while keeping the rest of your kitchen neutral. If you don’t want to commit to any loud colors, then keep them in line with the rest of the kitchen’s palette. 


Upgrading your kitchen on a budget is as easy as swapping out a light fixture. You don’t need to splurge on something fancy, either. Affordable home stores offer similar styles at a fraction of the price (and no one will notice the difference). Keep the atmosphere lifted with bright LED bulbs. 

Trend Tip:

Statement light fixtures are very of-the-moment. But if you prefer something more understated, halo ring lights are simple yet elegant. 


The color of your walls can instantly change the mood of the room. The cheapest, most creative way to instantly upgrade your kitchen walls is to purchase some peel and stick wallpaper. You can apply it yourself and it isn’t permanent. 

If you’re feeling extra creative, don’t stop at the walls. Cover your refrigerator and dishwasher in a fun pattern to spice things up. 

Going even a step further, installing shiplap onto a wall is easy and will really take your kitchen to another level. 

Trend Tip:

If you’re going for a current, trendy look, try textured wallpaper in a neutral color or an accent wall in black or dark grey. Masculine touches are in right now, keeping the vibe dark but fresh and modern.


If it’s in your budget, give your kitchen the new furniture it needs to make its transformation complete. If not, then don’t worry. Try gradually introducing in new items step-by-step as you can, starting with what’s closest to your kitchen space, like bar stools. 

Trend Tip:

There are many different yet equally stylish furnishings currently available. Industrial bar stools match the masculine and/or industrial vibes, while wicker bar stools cater more towards the farmhouse and organic neutral trends. 

If you’re able to get a whole new dining set, consider wooden furnishings or mid-century modern sets


Decor is the easiest fix and pulls everything together. Hang something on the walls and style your table with a centerpiece and placemats. Plants are a great option as a table centerpiece or countertop decoration. When it comes to decor, a little goes a long way. 

Trend Tip:

Exposed shelving fills the space on your walls while adding extra storage and a modern touch to your kitchen. 


You can’t upgrade a kitchen without switching out the faucet. It’s not as hard as you may think and it’s definitely manageable on your own. If you’re working with an old kitchen, changing the faucet is the final touch you need to revamp the space. 

Trend Tip:

Sleek black faucets are the pinnacle of modern kitchens. Otherwise go for a bendable stainless silver or an antique farmhouse style.